AGplus Technologies is a high-tech company founded by a group of professionals, focusing on developing environmental purification core technologies, products and solutions. AGplus owns more than 20 international patents as well as numerous know-hows. AGplus also has a cutting-edge carbon block automatic sintered production line. Currently, AGplus is mainly supplying sintered activated carbon block filter, anti-scaling carbon block filters, antibacterial and bacteriostatic activated carbon filters, as well as functionalized activated carbon composites. AGplus takes the principle of “

         A silver jia founded by Dr Returnees team, focus on the core technology and water purification products research and development, production and sales of country level high-tech enterprises. Silver jia with independent intellectual property rights more than 20, with industry leading activated sintering carbon automation molding production line, we mainly provide "oasis" number one rear palate carbon core, anti-scaling carbon film filter, antibacterial antibacterial activated carbon rods, high filtration efficiency sintering activated carbon rod, composite filter technology and products such as carbon

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